Professional Profile

Experienced software engineer with main interests in the mobile and distributed systems. Specialising in PHP and MySQL driven systems, however, no stranger to Node.js and MongoDB/Redis backends. Able to code fluently in JavaScript, Java and acceptably in C#. Furthermore, I have experience in the cloud Linux management having been tasked with the administration of the various production and testing servers. Lastly, I am experienced in the leadership being responsible for the software development teams and technical delivery of web properties.

Specialization: LEMP / LAMP, writing OO code, developing and interfacing with REST APIs, PHP / SQL profiling and optimization

Work Experience

May 2017 - Present

Senior Software Engineer

Mercari | London, UK

  • Mercari was launched in 2013 and has since become the largest mobile marketplace in Japan with over 60 million downloads worldwide

October 2016 - April 2017

Web Engineer

Cloudflare | London, UK

  • The web performance and security company
  • Part of the larger group of engineers in the front-facing team
  • Developed WebP API integration with the Cloudflare’s edge systems
  • Various improvements to the internal “page rules” engine
  • Working with many technologies such as Docker, Kyoto Tycoon, Redis etc.
  • Server-side work on the scaling of the PostgreSQL database (master/slave replication)
  • Creating and maintaining APIs with lot of traffic (1 billion+ req/month)

July 2015 - September 2016

Technical Lead

babylon health | London, UK

  • Largest doctor-on-demand startup in the UK
  • Started as lead PHP developer and promoted after 10 months to the tech lead
  • Leading technical efforts of the Predictive Analytics team
  • Responsible for the hiring of new engineers i.e. PHP, Python and data scientists
  • Creating development standards and best practices followed across the team
  • Building out the architecture to support the critical delivery of the AI Predictive Analytics platforms
  • Onboarding and mentoring engineers to ensure quality and timely delivery

August 2014 - January 2015

Senior PHP Developer (Symfony)

LendInvest | London, UK

  • LendInvest is leading online lender for short-term property finance
  • Transforming legacy code from CodeIgniter to Symfony2 framework
  • Greenfield project to rewrite P2P lending platform, both borrower and investor portals
  • Creating BDD (Behavior-Driven Development) testing suite using Behat 3
  • Integration of internal system with Amazon S3 storage service
  • Part of the bigger agile team, using lightweight Scrum methodology and some practices from XP
  • Redesigned system was successfully launched in December 2014

June 2014 - July 2014

Lead PHP Developer (Laravel)

laundrapp | London, UK

  • Laundry on-demand app, incubated in the Hambro Perks investment company
  • Using PHP Laravel 4 to develop custom back-end CMS system
  • Creating client-side javascript rich functionality using AJAX, JQuery, Grunt and Bower package management
  • Managing remote servers and code deployments (digitalocean Linux remote boxes)

April 2014 - June 2014

Software Engineer

entrago | London, UK

  • Early-stage startup, celebrity channels for fans
  • Rewriting API from Node.js to PHP (Laravel 4.2)
  • Maintaining CMS built on top of Node.js (Hatch.js framework)
  • Working with sizeable Redis database (~100+ GB)
  • Enhancing analytics system based on the PHP Zend Framework 2 with Predis
  • Development done under agile environment (Kanban)

October 2013 – March 2014

PHP Developer (Laravel)

anaxion | Warwick, UK

  • Mobile marketing startup (pre-funding stage), reporting directly to business owner
  • Built JSON REST API server which was successfully utilized in the Android application
  • Created recurring billing system based on QuickFile and GoCardless APIs
  • Refactoring of marketing CMS using components from the PHP Laravel 4 framework while following the MVC architecture
  • Utilising Twitter Bootstrap to make experience fluid on the mobile devices
  • Unit testing as part of the TDD (Test-driven development), using PHPUnit
  • Managing production DigitalOcean cloud Linux servers (LAMP and image processing boxes)
  • Setting up GIT version control system and whole deployment environment

October 2012 – December 2012

PHP Developer

TDE Solutions | London, UK

  • Private company providing SaaS solutions for cinema industry
  • Creating e-commerce product from scratch, based on custom PHP framework
  • Coding of the styles provided by graphic designer

April 2012 – October 2012

PHP Developer | Reading, UK

  • One of the largest UK online gardening retailer
  • Maintained multiple eCommerce systems as part of the Agile team (Scrum)
  • Finding bottlenecks in performance by profiling/debugging PHP code (Xdebug, KCacheGrind) and MySQL queries. As a result, we went from 1600+ SQL queries on each page to less than 400 per page.
  • Created reporting back-end system that was used for monitoring of the team performance
  • Developed custom payment plugin which was successfully deployed on several e-Shops around the Europe

Technical Skills



Experienced, 5 Years

Coding in PHP since 2005. Started commercially around 2011 by creating custom advertisement system for client in Slovakia. PHP development is what makes my living. Usually coding with frameworks such as Laravel or Symfony.



Advanced, 5 Years

I like JavaScript as a language, however it must be written very carefully in order to prevent callback hell in bigger codebases. Also used JQuery extensively, mainly its AJAX component.



Intermediate, 1 Year

Node.js is awesome for quick I/O operations. I have experienced it in huge, production codebases and boy, was it hell (viz. problem with JS above). Experience with Express.js, Hatch.js, Mongoose and many other libs.


Java (Android)

Intermediate, No commercial

While I have no commercial experience with Java, I have created several desktop systems as part of my degree. Active development of Android applications (links coming soon).



Intermediate, No commercial

University experience (no commercial). Academic level knowledge of syntax, .NET, MVC, EF, web services and some more. Created windows form applications and distributed systems using C# as part of my software engineering degree.


2012 – 2015

University of Greenwich

Bachelor of Engineering (BEng), Software Engineering, 1st Class

Software engineering (SE) is applying of engineering principles in the process of software development. This course gave me academic level understanding of history, issues and tools which are used in the modern day SE. Some of the modules with results are bellow:

Dissertation: Software Design Patterns in the NFC Android Development

PHP Frameworks

Symfony 90%
Laravel 80%
Zend 30%